MileHi What If

MileHi is a singer/songwriter and actor who hails from Hackney in East London. This swiftly emerging artist who is currently in the cast of Tina Turner: The Musical (West End, UK) is seriously demanding attention with his ear worming vocals and ability to write resonant music. His smooth, honeyed and harmonious voice is a welcomed sound in today’s musical arena. His smooth-talking vocals have a signature warmth and power that draws the listener in and rewards them with an indescribable “feel-good” experience. MileHi is a formidable talent whose time has come as he makes music that blends modern and vintage sounds, catchy lyrics, and a voice that is equal parts velvet and cognac.

MileHi is now set to release another irresistibly infectious ballad dubbed, “What If? (I Came Over There Tonight).” This is one of those tracks you just want to listen to over and over as its fascination keeps getting stronger with every successive listen!

MileHi puts his heart and soul into this R&B-defined masterpiece that has added some Rock and Roll flavors for melodic opulence. I have always admired MileHi’s sense of phrasing and in this tune, he underscores his consummate writing skills so perfectly to make what can be categorized as a radio staple.

MileHi is not afraid to test his vocal strengths and range as he delivers a memorable performance perfected with those catchy hooks over the luxuriant instrumentation. His golden vocals slink with precision and distinction in a similar fashion to what you’d expect from a Chris Brown kind of record!

“What If? (I Came Over There Tonight)” is just music so good it speaks to your soul. This is actually a sonic continuation to MileHi’s previous release, “To Love & Lie.” When the thoughts and desires of a man are so real that he starts visualizing them, then it is only right that he asks the right questions as the one the track’s title suggests!

MileHi is expected to release this track so be on the lookout and follow him everywhere so as to receive real-time updates as to when this happens!

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