Set to a chill, soulful, dimensional, and smooth R&B soundscape with luscious, heavenly-sounding vocals and romanticized lyrics, R&B singer-songwriter Mike B takes the listener on a beautiful journey of love with his new single “Who’s Gonna Love You”, a song inspired by and dedicated to his beloved wife, his constant support in life.

Listening to this heartfelt performance induces deep emotions. Even if you’re not in love at this moment, this track, with its intimate lyrics set against nostalgically crafted instrumentation, will evoke vivid memories and sensations of past loves.

Hailing all the way from San Diego, CA, budding R&B singer-songwriter Mike B is determined to use his experiences to redefine R&B and ultimately create music that resonates universally. His sound, a blend of classical and modern influences, establishes him as a unique and innovative talent in today’s music industry.

“Who’s Gonna Love You” is such a compelling exploration of love and romantic desire. His lyrics capture the whirlwind of romance, admiration, and appreciation for his wife, delivered through a rich, soulful R&B soundscape.

And as you will come to realize, Mike B possesses an emotive penchant that shapes the melody of this timeless and catchy song. With a voice that is as powerful as it is gentle, his gracious, golden, and crystal-clear vocals glide smoothly over the polished instrumentation, effortlessly displaying impressive vocal dynamism and range.

With this release, Mike B is poised to take the indie playlist by storm. This masterpiece hints at a successful future, the quality of it is undoubtedly extraordinary.

Mike B is determined to live through his music, which he promises will always come from the deepest parts of his heart and soul, with the intimacy, positivity, heartfelt conviction, and profundity of his music set to be emphasized on both the lyrics and melody.

Having already penned five tracks, “Who’s Gonna Love You” stands as an impeccable addition to his stunning music catalog.

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