A musical project of Erick Johnstone, who was originally from the band Hometown & Young, Midnight Lover’s Club institutes a more established sound with roots in that electronic indie/alternative rock that has quickly earned the band a loyal following from far and wide from listeners who are looking for something new, fresh, and innovative that has been lacking in the music industry today.

Midnight Lover’s Club is currently making huge waves with that hell of a song “The Black Ink Gallery” that has billboard potential written all over it. The talent to engineer something like this is rare and far in between and that is why Midnight Lover’s Club deserves every wide acclaim coming their way.

The lovely arrangement, exquisite production, and immaculate delivery set this track apart from other new tracks in the mainstream today. The musical link here is found in the level of approach to cinematographic illustration that characterizes the whole of this project.

“The Blank Ink Gallery” is transcendental, one that lures the listener in from the get-go and refuses to release them until the track is no more.

And what makes it so irresistible, one might ask? Well, the electronic percussion over the avant-garde rock melodies plays its part, the flawless production with every element in the track working in perfect harmony with one another has something to do with it, and that beautifully haunting vocal presentation certainly plays a huge part!

At its heart, “The Black Ink Gallery” is like a series continuation from the band’s earlier release, “The Debutant & The Dancehall” about a relationship that is closing in on its near death.

I want more music like this, with artists going above and beyond to leave an indelible mark on their listeners.

“The Black Ink Gallery” embodies timelessness and catchiness, and it’s still relevant…it is no surprise that this tune has already garnered over 31K Spotify streams in such a short period of time since its release.

To get a piece of this outstanding masterpiece, follow the attached link and enjoy!

For more updates on Midnight Lover’s Club’s endeavors, follow the band on the attached Instagram handle.

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