With a firm belief that love conquers all, multitalented singer, songwriter, and producer Michon Young is set to release her new album “LOVE is MY Lane” on April 26, 2024. Her fifth studio project, this album is more than just a collection of songs—it’s a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the healing force of music. Born out of the life-changing experience of her husband’s near-fatal heart attack, this album is a deeply personal journey that invites listeners to join Michon on a soul-stirring voyage of hope and healing.  With her signature blend of rhythm and blues, funk, and jazz, Michon’s smooth and sultry vocals breathe life into each track, delivering heartfelt lyrics that resonate with authenticity and emotion.

I’ve had the pleasure of listening to this brilliantly executed and fulfilling album, and I’m more than happy to sample a few tracks for you; just enough to keep you in the mood and confirm why it is worth the wait.

The opener, dubbed “Love” sets the tone for this album as Michon poetically comments with some powerful words over the subtly hit piano keys and bird-fueled nature sounds. The opening words, “Love is a breath of fresh air, an affection that is deep and emotional; love is powerful; love is patient and kind…” resonate with such depth and power.

“The Familiar” is the second jam, an outstanding piece with a rhythmic and powerful beat that exudes a cinematic and infectious energy. The beautiful glow of Michon’s voice is delightfully complemented by the captivating allure of the lively production, and as the song progresses, the backing vocal harmonies add depth and elegance to her stunning lead vocals, which are of such impressive range. The heart always wants what it wants, and when it does, you just know it. Therefore, it’s not wrong to want the familiar, is it?

“Bounce Back,” a personal favorite of mine, clocks at number 3. This jam is catchy, infectious, and memorable, with some self-empowering lyrics that hit deep inside the heart and soul of the listener. The refrain, “You’ll bounce back,” delivered with such expressive emotions and assertion, underscores the thematic essence of this masterpiece. The ability to bounce back from adversity is a key indicator of success. The lines, “can’t do nothing about yesterday” are very powerful and meant to inspire a listener to forget about the past, which cannot be changed. It is indeed impossible to enter the magic that each day brings if parts of you are holding onto old disappointments, resentments, and hurts.

“Bounce Back” has got it all; the striking bass that soothes the soul and warms the heart, the powerful lyrics that inspire the living existence of a listener, the beautiful and expressively soulful voice of Michon, the ear-worming backing vocal harmonies, the adlibs and simply excellent production. What more could a listener possibly want?

“You Give Me A Purpose” features a distinctively-flavored intro that is inviting and colorful. Soon enough, smooth, emotive, and soulful male vocals breathe life in the most expressive ways. This is an affirmation from a husband to his wife, acknowledging the inestimable role she plays in his life and how amazing it is to be with her every day of his life. Michon responds with intimate and vulnerable words of her own, recognizing the equally immeasurable lifetime role her partner plays in her life. This song, a certified ballad and soul-stirring duet, captivates way beyond the five senses.

Truthfully, “LOVE is MY Lane” is the album we need. We have infused every song here with love and affection, serving as a beacon of light for anyone who believes in love or is facing adversity. With its captivating blend of musical styles and heartfelt storytelling, this project is sure to touch the hearts of listeners everywhere and leave a lasting impression long after the music fades.

For now, we can only hope and wait for the official release. As we do, it wouldn’t hurt to get to know Michon Young more and experience the exceptional music in her stunning discography. To do just that, check out her official website, www.michonyoung.com.