There is a feeling you get when you listen to a song for the first time, and if that feeling is of addiction and the need to listen to the song over and over again, then you know that you’ve struck gold, and maybe then you might be the luckiest person on earth. That is the exact feeling I got when I pressed play and the luxurious, catchy, and contagious masterpiece “small towns” by LA-based budding musician Michael Eddy started coursing through my entire body.  It is a feeling that you can never forget and one that you also cannot get enough of. And to know that this is his debut single is incredible, really…he’s a musician par excellence who deserves all the hype and acclaim coming his way.

This song is not your ordinary pop tune; I know I’ve said it’s upbeat, catchy, and infectious, but there is that distinct, hypnotic, and irresistible feel you get from it that reminds you that you are listening to something golden.

The guitars have been shredded nicely and are such a stunning melodic component, backed by such an impressive blend of rhythm and melody from other percussive components. On the mic, Michael sings his heart and soul out, pours all of himself out, and oscillates through the soundscape like some reincarnated Michael Jackson or new-age The Weeknd…maybe even some BTS star!

I love what he did with the chorus; it is seriously tasty and will keep on playing over your head long after the song has ended. I love how he delivers such a powerful punch, hits all the right notes, and takes the listener on an adventure, seducing them and hitting them right in the nostalgia department.

Concocting a raw masterpiece that shrewdly evades genre, Michael seamlessly blends pop and country, and the result speaks for itself. This song already has over 23K streams on Spotify alone and has received plays on renowned platforms, including ‘nick music’ exposing Michael to a massive fan base!

There is an eye-catching complementary visual out on YouTube that elevates this song to greater heights and is worth checking out.

So there you have it, folks – “small towns” has to be your new favorite anthem. Follow the attached link to stream and save this outstanding song that is now on heavy rotation everywhere.

To keep up with Michael, check out his website and follow him on his official Instagram page.