Michael A. Price is an extraordinary music producer who sports an extensive repertoire that spans music production, music licensing, artist development, and song placement. He has been doing this for over a decade now, sharpening his skills and cadence along the way, and is still aiming to leave an indelible mark on the global music scene with his many talents. As a music producer, he has proven on countless occasions that he has the ear for sound design, knack for producing hit songs, and an understanding of commercial appeal. He is acclaimed and recognized for his versatile and strong music production and is pulled by a deep desire to inspire, entertain, empower, and bring people from all over the world together through music.

He’s back with a first-class rendition of “Jerusalema (In These Streets)” from the globally acclaimed “Jerusalema” song by South African savant Master KG featuring Nomcebo, a Zulu-inspired masterpiece that captivated the global music world following its release in 2020.

With a creatively referential approach to this track’s production, Michael displays such an ingenious level of musicianship by making this track uniquely his while retaining its authentic essence.

The choir-like harmonious vocals set the tone for the song before the drum-driven hypnotic and irresistible beat kicks in, backed by the captivating lead male vocals. There is that contagious energy exuded, and the catchy lyrics add to the anthemic weight of this outstanding track.

Michael offers a steady supply of intrigue and sonic fascination throughout, ensuring you are hooked from start to end and itching to play the song over and over again to catch endless vibes.

This track is truly captivating and quite simply magical, and it serves the intention Michael wanted, which is to pay homage to African heritage and culture…he does this and much more; he connects different listeners with the meaningful message behind the lyrics.

Streaming globally on all the major digital platforms, you deserve this total banger in your playlist, and you should get it right about this minute!