Coming from New York, Mia Grace serves the objective of bringing jovial yet emotionally articulate lyrics that illustrate the splendor of her grasp of musical singularity. Her genuine approach to making music describes her intention to pierce into the mind of the listeners, making them fall in love with her songs and dance to the rhythms. Her mesmerizing smooth voice is opulent with a summery vibe with an appropriate collection of lyrics and rhythms.

Armed with her mesmerizing singing style, the brilliant singer opens a new horizon to her inimitable soundscape. The artistic dexterity of “Wait” -to be released on March 26th- has left me in awe, encapsulating the true essence of the genre. The beautiful instrumentation in the song serves as the perfect backdrop for her exhilarating singing that breathes life into the picturesque lyrical narrative.

As a result, her smooth R&B footprint hits even deeper here, allowing the arrangement of the song to unfold into something very unique and engaging for the audience. Dreamy synths textures and vocals that could potentially remind you of artists like Ariana Grande. There’s so much variation in sound here, and that’s exactly what I love about this beautiful release.