MG Ross - Lately

As a music industry veteran, MG Ross challenges the status quo with her refusal to limit her creative expression. She brings a unique touch to both nostalgic and modern-day eclectic music, blending reggae, dancehall, hip-hop, and rap with R&B sensibilities. With a successful career spanning over a decade, she has earned her status as musical royalty.

Her single ‘Lately’ carries a universally relatable and deeply relevant message, making it a musical masterpiece that resonates across boundaries.

Wearing her heart on her sleeve, MG Ross delves deep into the creative process, crafting an inspiring anthem. The lyrics explore life’s dreams, hopes, uncertainties, and doubts. This track is an ode to life’s journey of triumph and adversity—the triumphs we win and the adversities we have to overcome.

MG Ross, with her emotive voice, gracefully navigates the R&B soundscape, enhanced by a complementary afrobeat. She breathes life into the song’s narrative, leaving a profound impact on the listener.

With such incredible songwriting and impassioned delivery, this direction truly suits MG Ross as both a performer and a songwriter.

The accompanying music video has over 15K views in such a short span of time, which highlights this track’s masterpiece quality and the deep, relatable impact it has had on listeners everywhere.

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