MÉLANIQUE has a voice of gold and an incredible vocal range that demands attention and has no limits. With musical roots influenced by iconic female singers like Rihanna, her own music gives audiences a strong and intimate deep emotional connection, depicting the strengths and weaknesses of relationships through robust arrangements with a signature R&B and pop sound. Her music is inspired by her personal experiences, the profound influence music has had on her life since she was a young girl, and her strong island culture.

And now she is back with a song that has been hitting headlines and garnering positive feedback from fans and critics alike: “RUNNIN’ WITH IT (ALL MINE)” is an epic, love-inspired, and upbeat eclectic jam that immediately gets you dancing on your feet with carefree abandon!

Let’s talk about MÉLANIQUE’s voice: it’s pure, uncut, crystal clear, velvety, incredibly powerful, and still gentle. Backed by her mesmerizing range, she really packs an impactful punch with her masterpiece that takes up residence in a listener’s head and refuses to let go even after it is no more.

Her lyrics are catchy, infectious, and easy to understand, and the chorus is simply unforgettable, rounding out this song and making it one that will keep playing over your head even when you are not listening to it.

The way she wears her heart on her sleeve leaves nothing to be desired, with her polished singing painting vivid pictures of what this track is all about!

And that’s not all; this track is also accompanied by a stunning music video, which is at the core of this release and really helps elevate the song’s meaning to newer heights as well as shine a light on the island culture.

This performance really left a lasting impression on me, and it has been on repeat ever since. It’s so addictive…you just want to keep listening over and over.

Kudos for a tremendous job done because “RUNNIN’ WITH IT (ALL MINE)” will be on heavy rotation everywhere for the foreseeable future!

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