Melanie Button Santa Baby

Based out of South California, Melanie Button’s music is simply vintage; a style that captures the feeling of nostalgia that is both retrospective and bundled up with optimism and curiosity for the future. You can just view it in the same light as one that gives its listener a glimpse of the past while stepping onto the future! For some time now, Melanie has been delivering a confidently unique sound as she works frenetically, firing on all cylinders.

“Santa Baby” is just a musical experience at its best; you just don’t get these going around every Tuesday,  and so after indulging in it, make it a habit to spare some time every day to thank Santa Claus’ existence and Melanie’s knowledge of his existence and wanting to speak to him in orchestral fashion!

Proving that she is not a novice act, Melanie delivers an opera-steeped performance with theatrical musical showmanship peppered throughout this record to highlight music design done just right. Just like yeast to bread, Button’s faultlessly powerful and sultry voice livens up the Christmas mood and makes you savor the wholesome experience for the better part of the 3 minutes and 25 seconds.

For maximum impact, you just have to virtually picture a staged drama set to music in its entirety with fascinating vocal pieces and scores of instrumental accompaniment, supplemented by orchestral overtures and interludes; and voila!  “Santa Baby.”

While I may not know about Santa himself, I want to go on record and confess that I absolutely believe in Melanie Button (note that down, please!)

“Santa Baby” is now streaming on all your favorite platforms, and attached herein is a link for you to enjoy this masterpiece in its entirety. If you relish the experience, initiate this orchestral piece into your library!

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