Mateus Machina’s music is a narrative of real human emotions and experiences—love, fear, excitement, loss, adrenaline, and everyday wins and adversities, resonating through an eclectic mix of styles and genres, providing his audience with deeply cathartic experiences. His sound is a rich tapestry of both retro and futuristic electronic sounds, with a consistent brand of dark minimal techno music with house influences.

“DON’T WNNA FEEL” is his latest track, and it is an outstanding one. The track displays an astonishing amount of technical dexterity, brimming with melody and rhythm atop a minimalistic arrangement, adding warmth and depth to the song.

This is such a great sonic phenomenon, with the main characteristics lying in its rhythms, bass, and dark sound flanked by the melodious backdrop, creating such a dynamic and powerful soundscape.

The two-step kick and snare beat, along with the additional half-step rhythm, evoke comparisons with dubstep, while the driving bassline and intricate percussion reinforce the techno feel, resulting in a well-rounded track.

The enchanting and captivating female vocals add a fascinating layer to this track, which is sure to uplift and energize listeners.

There is a very immersive and ethereal side to the arrangement, with the soaring melodies and ethereal pads adding so much texture and atmosphere to contrast the speed and intensity of the groove.

Ultimately, this track is all about the dance, the good times, and the shared memories. This track embodies Mateus’ artistry from head to toe; as an artist, he focuses on bringing certain frequencies and vibrations in his music that can portray emotion with not only words but a stripped-down feel that is intertwined in the music, just like he does here!

If you’re in a jovial mood, make sure you check out Mateus’ other music from his stunning discography!

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