A release that brings timeless alluring feeling back into the public eye as Margarita Shamrakov, an artist and songwriter from New York City unleashes her bold, beautifully laden and feminine infused voice, every bit as smooth and colorful as the melody sounds, leaning on a unique sound that can only be described as a mood-evocative captivating sound. It is a delicious concoction that has blended the high-quality piano sound and catchy vibes with sparks of seductive sounds that have expanded the musical and lyrical boundaries of any one type of genre. Limiting this multi-dimensional tune to any particular genre would be doing it so much injustice. It is an all-encompassing sound that evokes different emotions from different listeners. Infusing her infectious energy with wonderfully impassioned energy that stands firm, embellishing the piano-infused sensation with her sexy charm, “The Greatest Love story Ever Told” is a glorious cascade of captivating vocals built on raw emotions and backed magnificently by the colorful harmonic sound that the world needs to hear.

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Watching her on the equally imaginative video as she presses the piano keys with such artistic and masterful acclaim as the ambiance is almost immediately filled with rich melodies that she has manufactured with the piano and her skilled fingertips will move you in ways that cannot be measured. The tuneful sound emerging from the well-put-together and textured piano melody is agreeable to hear and has a lively yet soothing feel to it.

A listener gets a front-row seat as you get to watch and delve into Margarita Shamrakov’s world as you watch her exude her confidence in her vocal delivery like a specialist in surreal performance painting the mellow track with her distinct hypnotic vocal signature to round off a visceral listening experience. This is a very uplifting melody and adaptable tune blending a futuristic air with emotional harmonies backed by an incredibly stylistic piano sound and a fluid flow, genuinely demonstrating Margarita Shamrakov’s craft in a way that is both powerful and objective. The creative melodic eruptions have been meticulously crafted providing, “The Greatest Love story Ever Told” its own storyline and framework that gives it a fantastic sense of skill, balance, and poise.