Madilyn Mackensie is an artist at heart and in art; she enjoys creating those deep, genuine connections with her listeners and getting them completely lost in her music, where they can find their own stories within her lyrics. The goal has always been to inspire and empower with her music, and that is what has been happening so far. She enjoys the energy of performing for large audiences just as much as the intimacy of a solo acoustic show. You can find her performing at theaters, wineries, resorts, and open mic sessions around Sacramento.

Madilyn has a new emotion-driven and deeply relatable song titled “Light” that takes inspiration from her own personal experiences and emotions, capturing the raw feelings of the need to reclaim her power, self-worth, and authenticity. This is her taking back that “Light” that she had lost trying to please others or conforming to their opinions of her.

The gently strummed guitar lays the foundation as Madilyn pulls you in with her sweet-sounding angelic and delicate voice to go with the deeply emotional lyrics and the mellow sound. Her singing voice is pretty, soft, pure, polished, and easy to understand.

Her words are pleasant and clean throughout, and she possesses such an incredible range. As the track progresses, there is a filmic vibe added with the keyboards, and I love how it is not overdone before the song retreats back to that laid-back arrangement. All the while, Madilyn’s voice is the same: golden and expressive, capturing the essence and narrative of the track both gently and powerfully the essence and narrative of the track.

With “Light”, Madilyn proves not only to be an excellent songwriter but also vocally convincing with her soft voice, which is immensely expressive and powerful.

Already streaming on popular channels such as Spotify, “Light” is a worthy addition to any playlist!

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