Love X Stereo is a highly acclaimed electro-pop-rock duo that was formed in 2011 and has been bringing listeners an electric spectrum of synthetic soundscapes for their listening pleasure and escape. Ever since they stepped onto the music scene, this internationally acclaimed duo has been on a journey to push the limits of sound design, with their vision for music going further than most that are of similar standing. Music has the power to transport us to another time and place, and Love Stereo harnesses that power, reaching a broad audience of music lovers and passionate musicians alike.

After a string of releases featuring DA1SY DØØM, Love X Stereo have finally released their highly anticipated EP, “/ 안녕 ÄNɎƏŊ /”- a 5-track project that is brimming with both liveliness and charisma. Sit down, turn the volume all the way up, and let this music transport you to different realms!

“< 랑데뷰 RDV >” is the opening track that starts with an ambient, cinematic soundscape, slowly building with the haunting vocals of the lead vocalist’s sultry tone floating nicely in the background, “it’s like tomorrow never ends…” The track builds up to a driving beat that is complemented by ethereal synths and pads.

The hypnotic melody takes the listener deeper into the track with twists and turns that keep things intriguing throughout. The high energy of the song ebbs and flows, creating a sense of movement and progression that is both captivating and refreshing.

“< 자각몽 Lucid / Dreams >” is emotional, deep, and catchy. Its propelling electronic beat lays the groundwork for the lead singer’s beautifully haunting and powerful voice, striking a balance between gentleness and strength. This immersive track transports listeners to another realm, allowing them to lose themselves in the music delivered by the duo and DAISY.

“< 끌어당김 @traction >”  is energetic from the word go, with that blend of the pulsating beat and hypnotic synth rhythms creating an otherworldly atmosphere where listeners get to lose themselves in the music and dance the night away like no one’s watching…even though everyone probably is!

This track features swirling synths, a fast tempo, and a driving bass line, with the soaring melodies, ethereal pads, and haunting vocals adding so much texture and atmosphere to contrast the speed and intensity of the groove. The pulsing bassline and intricate percussion create a strong, yet mesmerizing groove.

 “< 미라클시티 Miracle_City >” is an inspirational masterpiece with Love X Stereo and DAISY breaking barriers and redefining empowerment through this song that inspires the listener to pursue possibility. The track dives into the theme of not always fitting into the boxes that people put or want you in, by being shiny and fabulous in your own right!

The big sawtooth-style synth leads in particular soar through the instruments beautifully, establishing themselves as the leading component in the mix without really overpowering the rest of the track.

The last track is a dark, experimental track with elements of neo-classical and EDM. This song is highlighted by the lead vocalist’s haunting vocal performances, backed by ethereal synths and chilling soundscapes—the perfect climax to this brilliant body of work.

“/ 안녕 ÄNɎƏŊ /” truly provides an enticing avant-garde experience and makes a perfect addition to any electronic playlist.

To savor this authentic music, follow the attached link and let the songs transport you to different realms, as Love X Stereo and DAISY intended!

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