Lousid has rapidly been rising through the music scene as he seeks to attain a reputed place in the industry and make his mark in his own unique ways. He keeps bringing a breath of much-needed fresh air with his music. His music is exactly the kind of diverse, insightful, and forward-thinking soundscape that makes it all worthwhile. And if there’s one thing Lousid does not believe in, it’s self-limitation when it comes to his creative expression. He simply refuses to be boxed in by limiting himself to a particular type of music, which contributes to his strong presence in the industry.

Lousid’s sound always possesses that strong and intense punch with immaculate production, making it very distinct. I am pleased to confirm that this is the case with his latest single “MONDAZE” – a banging and hypnotic anthem inspired by Monday. Yes,  you read that absolutely right!

Many can agree on the universal dread associated with Mondays and what they represent; there’s that gloomy feeling about this day that eludes logical explanation…only that you feel it, and it’s not amazing!

It’s even sadder when you have to wake up early and prepare to go for your routine job that you also hate with equal venom. For some, Mondays seem to magnify the challenges in their lives.

The mesmerizing beat, paired with the deep thrill of Lousid’s smooth delivery, makes for an engaging listening experience. He ebbs and flows through the dense soundscape with such confidence and charisma, marinating in a strong presence and infecting a listener with his energy.

And beneath the unique lyrical narrative is motivation to keep moving, to never stop because no situation in life is permanent!

At the track’s core is that memorable hook that is guaranteed to haunt you outside of this track, and that’s a fact!

“MONDAZE” is the first single off of Lousid’s upcoming EP dubbed “Weekdayz” which features tracks encapsulating how his overall weekdays look delivered with his own unique creative twists and turns.

For now, feel the vibe in “MONDAZE” by following the attached link, and if you like what Lousid offers here, let this banger uplift your playlist!

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