Lost Relics, a Denver-based band formed from the ashes of previous outfits SMOLDER AND BURN, LOW GRAVITY, and THE WORTH, have returned with their latest single, “Hangxiety.” The band’s sound can best be described as heavy stoner/doom/sludge metal mixed with noise rock. Their debut self-titled EP was released in 2019, and they have since been making waves in the underground music scene.

“Hangxiety,” the first single from Lost Relics’ upcoming EP, Die + Cry + Loathe, explores themes of societal collapse and cultural decay. The lyrics are told from the perspective of an outsider who is watching the world around them crumble, and the sense of despair and hopelessness that can come with that experience. The aggressive shouting vocals that characterize the track match these themes of anxiety and desperation, creating a sense of urgency and intensity in the music that is difficult to ignore.

It is a powerful and intense track that demonstrates the band’s impressive instrumentation. The heavy guitars and pounding drums create a dense and complex sound that perfectly complements the song’s themes of anxiety and societal collapse. The brooding beginning of the track sets the tone for the rest of the song, as the instrumentation slowly builds in intensity, culminating in a driving and anthemic chorus that will have listeners shouting along.

The guitars on “Hangxiety” are particularly noteworthy, with the band’s use of distortion and feedback creating a raw and gritty sound that is reminiscent of classic noise rock. The riffs are heavy and distorted, creating a wall of sound that perfectly complements the aggressive vocals. The drums, meanwhile, are pounding and relentless, driving the song forward and adding to the sense of urgency and intensity.

If you’re a fan of heavy and intense music, “Hangxiety” is definitely worth checking out. The song’s themes of societal collapse and cultural decay, combined with its driving instrumentation and aggressive vocals, make for a powerful and unforgettable listening experience. If you enjoy sludge metal, noise rock, or any other form of heavy music, you’ll likely find something to appreciate in