Right from the opening note, you are transported into a tropical setting that serves as the passport to your musical getaway; you soak in the vibrancy of the rhythms and melody as Los Moralitos’ vocal and instrumental performance courses through every bone in your body. Sooner than later, you will be one and the same with this infectious and irresistible anthem, “El Currule.”

A prime fusion of bold electric guitars, wandering synths, graceful drums, majestic Latin percussion, and emotive vocals is “El Currule” in a nutshell. This is a track brimming with virtuosic electric guitar technique, earning it that rock thrill and awe-inspiring Latin showmanship, driving the danceable rhythm forward.

Highly melodic and filled to the brim with that quintessential Latin-infused sense of rhythm and groove, “El Currule” is a brilliantly authentic slice of spicy Latin songwriting and alternative rock that inspires you to get up and dance the night away in a state of music-inspired ecstasy.

Los Moralitos Band has done a magnificent job of blending a plethora of intriguing melodic ideas together with a sense of unbridled energy to give listeners an experience filled with both liveliness and charisma!

The accompanying music video is as powerful and entertaining as the song itself. It does a significant job of elevating the jam to new heights. Here, it’s all jovial and dance-worthy as the visuals showcase the band committedly performing the song as others dance to this invigorating concoction that has been manufactured with love, passion, and purpose.

I’m yet to meet a person who doesn’t love their music. It’s catchy, infectious, full of energy, and compels you to dance. That’s how I know this song will be an instant favorite…try it out and see!

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