In a distinct fusion of worlds where the dazzle of electronic music meets the magic of poetry, Atlanta-based maestro LOKI WIZART emerges, wrapped in a veil of mystique and electrifying the airwaves with something that you just don’t stumble upon every other Tuesday. It is the meticulous attention to detail, the heart, soul, and passion, and the desire to convey raw human emotions that make this music worthwhile. The electrifying, candid, and sometimes atmospheric soundscapes converge with the sweet-sounding, thought-provoking poetic words to transport listeners to different dimensions. A place where their minds are eased and the music takes total control.

When you listen to “MY PURPLE WORLD OF SOUND WHERE THEY LEFT ME,” you immediately realize how different and uniquely captivating it is from the get-go. You can tell there was a vision and a deep inspiration behind this magical body of work that refuses to let go even after the final notes have disappeared.

The music carries you like an ocean wave; there is no way you can resist the urge as the intricate rhythms, sawtooth synths, pulsating bass, resounding drums, and ethereal soundscapes interweave, punching right through the chest.

There is that bit of cinematic tonality that melds beautifully with the electronic cadence and subtly placed vocal samples, creating an electronic sound with a dynamic range.

Each rhythm, each tone, and each melody is like a brushstroke, painting an intricate portrait of the track’s transformation and whisking a listener into its territory, allowing them to fully escape into the music.

This world is captivating in its own right. The allure of this music lies in its ability to transport listeners from their reality into a mesmerizing world they may not wish to leave. The beauty of it is that you can make that happen with the touch of the loop button and make this your newfound reality!

Escape and let “MY PURPLE WORLD OF SOUND WHERE THEY LEFT ME” take over. Enjoy this masterpiece!

For more information regarding LOKI WIZART and his creative endeavors, check out Loki Wizart’s Loki Wizart Poetry