Liz Wild is a French singer-songwriter whose songs combine electrifying rock melodies with blues, soul, and jazz-style production in the vein of influences like the legendary Janis Joplin. She draws elements from her diverse musical background in rock, soul, and classical music to craft a sonic style characterized by driving rhythms and lush, layered vocal harmonies. Through her original music and covers of renowned songs, Liz hopes to inspire listeners with feelings of empowerment and self-confidence and to inspire more young women to make their mark in their own unique ways.

Liz is currently celebrating achieving a feat with her debut EP, dubbed “Deep Illusion,” which is now streaming everywhere. A product born of sacrifice, sweat, and tears, the music here transcends time and place in its timeless demeanor and elevates Liz to international acclaim.

The title track is an enchanting concoction that features vibrant rock percussion and 80s-inspired disco funk for broad appeal.

On the mic, Liz breathes life into her authoritative and ethereal vocals that are instantly catchy to capture your attention from the first note all the way to the last one.

At the track’s heart is a deeply meaningful message about breaking down barriers and limits and liberating oneself from the confines imposed by social media…this is an ode to finally thinking freely on your own without the undue pressure that social media brings with it.

This music is deeply relevant in this digital age where the impact of social media cannot be ignored; both its positive and negative impacts. With this poignant presentation, Liz allows the listener to find their own relatability within the lyrics.

Accompanying the single is an eye-catching music video that is at the core of this release because it complements the themes highlighted by the song itself and takes the overall message to a new and higher level.

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