There has always been inestimable dignity for standing for what one believes and this couldn’t be any truer for the seasoned veteran band Link & Chain which is made up of 4 members of Jamaican heritage and who have maintained their musical identity of spreading love, peace and positivity and awareness with their diverse reggae sound whilst still managing to maintain a consistent brand that honors the cultural sound that their predecessors cultivated. Link & Chain has indeed embraced reggae culture and Rastafari faith and wears them on their heads like a crown. And for a band that started making music way back in the 1990s and are still doing it to this moment, they deserve their flowers for staying relevant all those years and delivering timeless sounds that we are still enjoying to date.

Link & Chain are back with another certified record titled “Let Your Light Shine”; a genuinely inspirational reggae jam that is impactful as it is entertaining! Spiked with style, soul and spirit, “Let Your Light Shine” highlights the band’s shatterproof chemistry and the deep sense of genre knowledge that each member brings to the table.

There has always been an effortlessly likable component to most reggae songs and when these songs have been performed by artists you have high regard for like Link & Chain, then the impact is felt tenfold. There that giant fabulosity created by the blend of the grand guitars, the dutiful drums, and the keyboard melodies to produce a memorable rhythm that makes you feel alive.

The powerful vocals are well layered over the reggae instrumentation and give this tune that sense of depth and color and also highlights its catchiness with those easily quotable lines from the chorus ensuring you get to sing along to this infectious jam.

This tune is all about you being the master of your faith; reinforcing the reality that living remarkably and being in control of your life is indeed an upward spiral to the top of a staircase of success and significance and as you take this journey toward the fullest experience of your highest greatness, step by step, then you become unstoppable!

“Let Your Light Shine” is exactly what you need to face the day with renewed believe and energy and it is not my wish to keep you waiting; follow the attached link and get right into it!

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Link&chain Has Ignited The Passion With Their Reggae Tunes In The Enthralling Single "Ready" Link&chain Has Ignited The Passion With Their Reggae Tunes In The Enthralling Single "Ready" Link&chain Has Ignited The Passion With Their Reggae Tunes In The Enthralling Single "Ready"