MNEXSIS is a certified electronic dance music producer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He is far from just any other dance producer, priding himself on his versatility, relatability, and authenticity. When he produces his music, he wants to connect with a listener, make them feel the music, help them visually see the storyline, and create this deep emotional connection with them. LINE$$A is an underground singer also based in Stockholm, making a name for herself with her relatable songwriting and angelic vocals. What began as just a serendipitous meetup through TikTok has now blossomed into an exciting odyssey marked by a collaborative tour de force dubbed “Hypnotic” that is set to debut on June 20, 2024.

To taste the waters, both MNEXSIS and LINE$$A have been posting glimpses of this upcoming tune on TikTok and IG, and it has come as a welcome surprise to see the massive reaction and love from fans all over. That is why they couldn’t be more excited for its official release.

What was initially there with “Hypnotic” has been elevated to new heights following the addition of LINE$$A’s sexy, hauntingly beautiful, sultry, and enchanting vocals. With a stunning blend of melodic beats, synths, basslines, and other quintessential EDM components, MNEXSIS provides the perfect backdrop, delightfully complementing LINE$$A’s scene-stealing vocals.

And just as the title suggests, this banger is more than guaranteed to have you in a euphoric state as you dance with carefree abandon to its irresistible feel. Both MNEXSIS and LINE$$A want you to imagine techno music in a very special way, a way that you don’t experience any other day. “Hypnotic” is melodic techno in its finest and purest form.

As we count the days towards June 20th, we are encouraged to pre-save this jam so that we will be among the first to suck from its succulent steak when it officially drops.

The pre-save link can be accessed in each artist’s bio through their social media platforms, especially Instagram and TikTok.



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