Lina Dior is one of the most inventive musicians who are now reigning in the music industry. This versatile musician possesses exceptional vocal abilities as well as a creative persona that allows her to experiment with various genres. The musician is capable of drifting among hip-hop, EDM, R&B, and occasionally even a mash-up of all of these genres. She recently recorded a single dubbed “She’s Fire,” which is breaking new ground with its incredible musical arrangement.

Lina Dior’s inner aim is to demonstrate to the world what she’s made of by releasing back-to-back masterpieces. “She’s Fire” delivers a supreme mix of attention-grabbing, mesmerizing rhythmic bars, with a hook that slips straight into the pit of Lina’s tremendous energy through its magnificent sounds. Throughout the track, the creative artist maintains the same degree of brilliance, eliciting intense emotions from listeners. It’s lively and upbeat, with a touch of nostalgia expressed through inventive rhythmic compositions.

“She’s Fire” starts with a dreamy sound design with a strong feeling of distinctiveness and fearless vocals with a distinct personality in both melody and rhythm. As the song progresses, the smooth beat is suddenly dominated by Lina’s rap side, as she pours down her fluent and strong rap technique to create a balancing act. The record is astonishingly gorgeous due to the faultless seamless blend of rap and singing, and the insightful, revealing words meander throughout to keep the listener engaged.

What I like best about “She’s Fire” is the high-level absorbing energy that makes it such a great jam track. Lina Dior’s distinct brand of EDM is something you should experience for yourself! Lina can be found on her Instagram and you can listen to her music on Spotify and Youtube.

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