By her own rights, she has been writing her musical story one page at a time and utilizing her unique gifts that more than anything loves to explore within the realms of the endless music space; this is none other than the pop music star Lexie Martin who has been making waves in the music industry with her infectious songs and electrifying performances. Her authenticity of course stands out and she has a way of passing messages using sophisticated yet appropriate melodies in ways she only knows how.

She now comes with “SUPERPOWER”  a track meant to inspire individuals to always be unique and chase their dreams, no matter what. Looking back to Lexie’s storyline, after graduating with BA in Musical theatre from American University, she never had it easy. Lexie faced rejection, especially in studios, because of her weight and body image. She is a 4’10” whose vocal runs are powerful, meaningful, catchy, and never seem to end.

Her sense of phrasing is impeccable and the accompanying instrumentation offers the perfect bed of support for her harmonious vocals to flourish. The gist of this track certainly rests on those easily quotable and memorable hooks that underscore the motivational theme of this track.

Cooking up a special and unique brand of pop sensation as this, Lexie Martin once more outdoes herself as she positively spoils her listeners with what is a terrifically catchy piece of writing that has been hoisted to even greater heights by both a towering sense of musicianship and a heartfelt level of inspiration to others.

With the piano-infused rhythms, pop-soaked sense of sheer melodic invigoration, and passionate vocal presentation that is certain to pique a listener’s attention from the start to the end, “SUPERPOWER” is an undeniably remarkable piece of songwriting that is an outright joy to get lost in!

Lexie Martin is an undeniable icon on the rise, building a long-lasting career that will cement her legacy on the music front. “SUPERPOWER” is now available on all of your favorite streaming platforms for your listening pleasure and is guaranteed to boost your playlist with exceptional tracks!

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