Levi Grxce, an entertainer and progressive musician, merges skill and panache in his performances, crafting music that resonates and provokes thought. The 25-year-old, based out of California, has amassed an impressive cross-genre discography; he already has 18 albums released so far and is not backing down any time soon. He simply refuses to stand still, working round the clock to inspire, empower, and entertain with his sound, which takes cues from alternative rap and is delivered with his own unique twist.

Building on the critical acclaim his latest album, “Celestial” garnered, Levi Grxce is back with another self-affirmative raw masterpiece dubbed “MOMENTUM”- bringing his A-game and astonishing lyrical gifts to the music table!

To the backdrop of a hypnotic and catchy beat, Grxce hits all the right notes with his dedicated performance, blending masterful flows, wise perspectives, and thought-provoking observations that challenge listeners as much as inspired and entertained.

This track is an ode to his relentless pursuit of excellence, reflecting his journey, wins, losses, and the indomitable spirit that defines him. The goal has always been to aim higher, and he consistently surpasses his goals.

If you are looking for something to get you amped up and inspired, “MOMENTUM” is the track for you.

Grxce consistently delivers unique and deeply relatable tracks, earning widespread recognition. This is a radio-ready masterpiece and fits in any rap or hip-hop playlist.

The way he exudes charm and confidence over the beat is a testament to his maturity and experience.

“MOMENTUM” showcases a blend of hip-hop and rap, distinguished by Grxce’s inimitable vocal style.

A next-level project for Levi Grxce, “MOMENTUM” is a taste of what is to come from this top-notch emcee who is at the summit of his creative expression.

Already streaming globally, “MOMENTUM” is a worthy addition to any playlist. Catch the vibes by following the link and adding the song to your library.

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