In a musical era where authenticity is more often than not elusive, it is imperative to hold dearly onto artists that you feel bring something different and instantly accessible to the music table. Late For What, based out of Salt Lake, is one such group; this three-piece has been dedicated to exploring the creative margins of alternative pop while dipping their feet into rock, new wave, and other kindred sounds with the aim of creating something with far-reaching appeal. So far, so good. Their debut 6-song EP, “Better Late Than Never,” unfolds like a well-crafted novel, each chapter revealing a layer of the band’s sonic complexity.

This project showcases the trio’s lyricism and musicianship in a uniquely crafted piece of musical artistry. Late For What explores the life-inspired themes that are often found in pop and rock music, showcasing their versatility in that they can tap into uncharted spaces and still maintain a high level of vocal performance.

My favorites from this project have to be the opener, “The Flame” followed by “Gerbert Lane,” “Kingdoms Call” and the deeply emotional and soulful “Writings on the Wall.”

For me, the song “The Flame” feels very broadway, if you know what I mean; it’s an open melodic road spread out for you that takes you on like a journey—you are involved in every step of the way, and you somehow know it because you can feel it. The vocals are gentle and very rich, and the broad lyrical scope resonates with quite a bit of depth. There is also that unforgettable chorus that will still linger in the mind long after the final notes disappear.

That piano intro in “Gerbert Lane” is everything. The mellow vocals soon breathe life into the song as the charming guitar tones permeate with a smoothly haunting allure, right before the driving drumbeat punches in, melding energetically with the piano tones to push the melody forward. While the melody is edgier than the band usually is, there’s something laid-back about it. The heartfelt lyrics and captivating chorus pertain to moving on from a past relationship.

“Kingdoms Call” is a hauntingly beautiful jam and features such a theatrical allure that lingers in the mind like ghosts of forgotten dreams. There is an irresistible new wave feel about it that adds to its wide-ranging appeal.

If you love emotionally charged music with virtuosic guitar technique, precise and impactful drums, and awe-inspiring musicianship, then “Writings on the Wall” is your kind of jam. The stripped-back foundation allows the emotive vocals and deep lyrics to thrive.

As an old aestheticist, I’d love to leave something for the imagination. The last two songs are sure to satisfy your musical cravings!

Check out the link and find a home for these flavorful jams in your favorite playlist.