L3o First Blood

L3o is an artist who is meaningfully impacting the fabric of hip-hop and rap with his versatile and dynamic style that allows him to pair powerful and rhythmic messages with an organic production style. With his emotionally charged lyrics and unorthodox style, L3o has managed to distinguish his own unique space between highly technical styles of music.

L3o has relentlessly pursued his passion for music, leading him to discover his purpose to inspire, uplift, and evoke emotion through sound. Taking influences from diverse genres such as hip-hop, drill, trap, rap, and rock, his passion was first sparked by listening to the greats. Since then, through a combination of grit, determination, and raw talent, L3o has been rapping for the past 8 years.

His “FIRST BLOOD” project, featuring 11 tracks, includes songs that seem like they were created for musical theater, with L3o delivering theatrical performances—tracks delivered with the overarching aim of achieving the best result for the overall album.

The title track “First Blood” features a stripped-back, hypnotic, and haunting nostalgic beat, with L3o delivering an onslaught of bars, visual metaphors, and cerebral wordplay akin to a daredevil Indiana Jones. L3o’s smooth delivery, packed in the form of poetic, soulful verses, makes for a powerful and emotive experience. The song’s production is a masterclass in contemporary hip-hop with its blend of trap, soul, and nostalgic elements.

“Cast Away” sees L3o levitate over the beats like Tom Hanks as he lyrically navigates with an artful ferocity, landing each sick verse and smart bar in a rhythmically mesmerizing flow. He is swift and effortless, exuding his witty charm and unequalled stage presence.

The critically acclaimed “Don’t Give a Fuck” is set to a captivating beat and showcases L3o’s exceptional lyrical ability. It is also one of the most aggressive and punchline-heavy tracks from the entire collection, containing an intoxicating concoction of diverse flows, infused with captivating energy and lyrical convictions. Coming off with hard-hitting and direct cadences, L3o never fails to impress the audience with his wordplay, hard punchline flows, and first-class production.

In “Tithe,” featuring guest artist Swavy Mack, both artists jump on the UK drill-inspired beat “Only You” by Headie One featuring Drake, delivering rapid freestyling, masterful flows, provocative rhymes, and wise perspectives in a mesmerizing lyrical gift.

You are guaranteed to find everything you’d want in a rap record in “FIRST BLOOD.” Give it a listen and see for yourself.

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For some time now, L3o has been making music on another level. Why? Someone might ask, well because he simply is one….you just have to contend with that!

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