Kryptic Heart, a Renaissance woman and a rare breed among female artists, is one of the music industry’s hotshots to keep an eye on.  She is notably known for her straight-forward but hooky melodic lines, adventurous arrangements, and versatility to write in many genres and styles. She is driven by her deep desire to inspire, entertain, and empower her audiences. Inspired by countless music icons of the past and present, she delivers passion and heart in her music and endearing live performances. Her vocal range is wide, with a unique softness to match. She also possesses a broad lyrical and songwriting scope, always penning something fresh and new within the realms of timelessness and catchy, backed by such a vulnerable yet powerful personality.

Kryptic has a new mashup/cover single dubbed “I Refuse/Wake me up when September Ends” scheduled for October 10, 2023 official release.

In case you are wondering, she took two tracks; – “I Refuse” by American heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch and “Wake me up when September ends” by punk rock band Green Day and made them into one unique body of work.

She manages to honor the original compositions while using her imaginative foundation as a springboard to reach new and exciting grounds. Her voice is soft and emotion-drenched, perfectly conveying the track’s essence and narrative about going past our limits and mental restrictions.

The instrumentation features a mellow piano buildup that provides the perfect bed of support for her stunning voice to thrive, and as it progresses, the guest guitarist Abfhn adds such depth and sonic elegance with his accomplished acoustic guitar playing and the backing vocals from Abfhn.

Kryptic Heart really did deliver, and it is the fact that you can feel her vulnerability and raw emotions that allows a listener to get deeply hooked on this raw masterpiece from start to finish…kudos to such incredible showmanship.

This track will officially be available for streaming on October 10, 2023, on all major platforms, but for now, you can familiarize yourself with Heart’s work, which is available on popular channels. Her latest single, “no doubts” is already streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube and is worth checking out.

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