Hip hop has the ability to influence the world and its thoughts. Kory Kane, a supremely accomplished hip-hop artist, once again demonstrates the genre’s prominence in the world music soundscape with his great creations. His music is incredibly varied and passionate, uniting the entire hip-hop community under one roof. He’s been working on a range of hip-hop songs with various themes. The majority of his soundtracks are inspired by his own real-life experiences, making them incredibly relevant to the listeners.

“Butterfly” begins with intention — a story line anchored in authenticity, focused and open, merging personal emotions with literary ingenuity and scene-setting for a thoroughly captivating listen.

Everything is assembled over a skilled production that gives it a distinct bend and edges all on its own. His vocal ability and creative patience pour through the song as he continues to broaden his scope with his own flair. Cleverly worded verses generate a strong storyline that is amplified by the artist’s perfect delivery. This track, embellished with intriguing language, has the potential to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

The song features an intriguing verbal mix set against a musical development. This surprising pairing of rap and a catchy melody will undoubtedly broaden hip hop’s collective musical palette.

Kory Kane is a music artist and rapper who has many more tracks to his credit that have helped shape his soundscape. These songs include “I don’t care” “No Power,” and “Gain Everything” all of which elegantly carve his creative individuality and offer it to the public. Follow his work on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube to hear his new song. Follow him on Instagram and twitter to stay up to speed on all of his new releases and other news.