An artist who has been quick to endear himself into the hearts of hip-hop, rap and R&B music lovers, Miami-based rapper and singer KoolkidRockwell brings such wit, charm, and an unmatched stage presence that has earned him an up-and-coming notice among the Miami and indeed international hip hop music scene. KoolkidRockwell has a writing style and flow that seem similar to influences like Lil Baby, Lil Durk, and Gunna, with a hint of southern bellow like Quavo in the way he makes those hooks.

Currently, KoolkidRockwell dominates the airwaves and his epic banger dubbed “IDK” which is the short form of “I Don’t Know”—a masterclass in contemporary hip hop and trap!

The organic guitar sets the tone before the heavy atmospheric beat makes an entrance from the hypnotic concoction of the hi-hats, snares, pounding 808s, synths, and of course that heart-thumping bass line.

Making his presence felt over this beat, KoolkidRockwell delivers with his signature sing-song, half-singing, half-rapping technique with his slightly auto-tuned melodious vocals, injecting the track with that anthemic feel that really allures the listener and draws listeners into the immersive experience of this track.

The lyrics here explore KoolkidRockwell’s life from the hood, when he had nothing, to the superstar he is, and how he is working hard every day to claim even higher status and live the life he always wished for when he was hustling in the streets.

This track serves as an affirmation of KoolkidRockwell’s journey from the streets to stardom, showcasing his relentless ambition and hinting at more to come.

This is really a 10/10 performance that any hip hop music aficionado can dig, and that’s why I am recommending it to you right now.

Follow the attached link and immerse yourself in it, and hopefully, you will find it exciting and entertaining as much as KoolkidRockwell did!

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