Music has always been a way of life for one KJ Rogers who continues to make a name for himself as a multifaceted artist whose style does not really conform to any one genre as he chooses to explore the dynamics of eclectic music. This multitalented singer-songwriter, producer and rapper has cultivated a unique sound on the different music he grew up on. His passion and drive are extremely apparent as he pours his love for music into his songs. He aims to leave behind a lasting legacy and pave the way for up and coming talents just like those ahead of him are doing.

KJ Rogers has currently been riding high with his debut album, “TO Whom It May Concern” which has been deservedly acclaimed amassing hundreds of thousands of streams on digital platforms. One who is intrigued by the afrobeats and dancehall, he decided to get into the studio and borrowing from that genuine fascination, the tune, “Find” was born. In this track, he featured American based Ghanaian artist Willing Wanna.

The duo exudes such remarkable chemistry and the raw organs blended in the instrumentation give this track a very hypnotic traditional feel that is indescribably magical. The beats take you to the land of Naija and for luxury; there is that dancehall flavor to get a listener dancing in that state of music-inspired ecstasy.

KJ Rogers’s vocals are effortlessly powerful and he proves an accomplished singer here with a phenomenal sense of phrasing on those love-inspired lyrics. The way he delivers the chorus that trickles down to Willing Wanna’s own chorus response pulls a listener into wanting more. The easily quotable hooks engage a listener and you just find yourself singing along.

The impact of this anthem lies within its core qualities from the well-defined concepts and top-notch production to expressive singing- it is certain to demand the attention of global listeners.

Follow the attached link so as to find out how addicting of an anthem, “Find” is!

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