Kitty Monroee was born in West Philadelphia before her family relocated to New Castle in Delaware. Growing up she possessed an affinity for music and dancing and while aged 6, her parents enrolled her into the historical Christiana cultural arts center in Wilmington, Delaware. Here she was able to cultivate her love and was influenced by numerous sounds including but not limited to R&B, hip hop, jazz and soul. This foundation has incredibly shaped her music career with many accolades to her name including her work featuring in the Netflix competition series, “Rhythm + Flow.”

Her journey hasn’t been particularly bread and butter; she has been visited upon by major setbacks including when she was diagnosed with tumors in her thyroid which proved to be detrimental to her singing voice. She set out on an all-consuming journey of retraining her vocals and discovered a gift for rapping which she added to her other talents including singing and dancing.

She is now back after what felt like an eternity and this time, she is back for good. Describing her comeback as “rising from the ashes”, Kitty is set to continue where she left from albeit with an extra addition of panache, theatrics and showmanship. She is not coming back empty-handed- she has a new album, “Fenix” that she will officially drop on all streaming platforms worldwide come October 14th 2022.

“Fenix” is a 9-track collection with some ear-catching R&B and soul-flavored melodies to last you a lifetime. Boasting such production virtuosity and accomplished songwriting, this EP is going to turn the industry on its head. That covert art is eye-catching; a befittingly marvelously tormenting art that underscores her rise above adversity to stand strong again! To give you a clearer picture are a few tracks I sampled from this valuable collection.

“Quake” needs you to put on your dancing shoes- it is very catchy and infectious, especially with those memorable hooks and her performance leaves nothing to be desired. She hits all the perfect notes with her vocals that are faultlessly powerful. The beats here amalgamate the R&B, hip hop and dancehall styles for one epic-sounding piece of track. And that ending is super hypnotic and ensures a climaxing end to this track which I can predict will be critically acclaimed by a huge number of its listeners.

“Numb” has a club R&B feel and it is very warm with some melodious and immaculately organized elements from the beats. This is that type of track you listen to and it keeps playing over your head even when you are not listening to it. Kitty Monroee is at her best here, giving life to the tune with her sweet-talking vocals with the unforgettable hooks the proverbial icing on this genuine masterpiece,

“Bad Intention” is another you can dance along to; it has some dancehall-infused beats over the bouncing melodies and the way Kitty Monroee’s vocals blend with the beats is what near perfection feels like- working in perfect harmony with each other to desirable effects; absolutely magical!

“Fenix” is undeniably a masterpiece in authentic R&B and soul music transcendence and I honestly cannot wait for 14th October to update my playlist with these favorite jams. Mark 14th on your calendar and follow Kitty Monroee everywhere so as to receive real-time updates on this and her other upcoming releases as she sets out to remind the music world, just in case they forgot what she is made up of (it’s somewhere between iron and steel!)

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