We have all experienced artists who are more than capable of entertaining, but what we don’t get to experience every other Tuesday are artists who are not only capable of entertaining but are also frontliners when it comes to creating music that later becomes the soundtracks of our lives; one such artist is Kinsolo; an eclectic afrobeats powerhouse in his own right!

Having been brought up in an African setting, Kinsolo has endured to keep true to the African sound roots of its authenticity, diversity, and individuality whilst also blending it efficiently with the international sound for a broadly appealing style that has come to be accepted from far and wide.

Proving that music can be enjoyed in versatile forms, Kinsolo is set to release his long-awaited project dubbed “Efiko”- a full-length 12-track project that has taken him over 4 years to be what it is now!

With this release Kinsolo is hoping to prove what a profoundly versatile artist he is as he blends the popularly acclaimed afrobeats with a host of other sounds and styles, including authentic hip hop and rap as well as pop and R&B.

A project that has been designed to have an across-the-board appeal, the tracks here cover a plethora of subjects from money to friendship to love and lust, as well as flirting with racy dalliances and exotic trips to expensive places, such as in the 11th track “IBIZA”

I was also entranced by the opening banger “GATES” featuring Deo Munyakazi which has the kind of Nigerian Flavour’s “Game Changer” vibes at the intro before Kinsolo transports the listener into a world of his creation with his outstanding performance over the luxury-sounding production.

In the 6th tune “PARABOLA”, Kinsolo shines through over the afrobeats and rap concoction with his scholarly wordplay, depicting such vivid storytelling panache that lures the listener in and rewards them with a true ‘feel-good’ listening experience!

In its entirety, “Efiko” is a bona fide standout that will go on to dominate charts and playlists thanks to the musical excellence and production ingenuity that have been involved.

If you want to be part of something huge and bigger than yourself, I recommend that you mark April 14, 2023, on your calendar and follow Kinsolo everywhere to be part of this project that is set to set the standards of musical brilliance on a global scale!

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