The highly anticipated “Secret” is finally out and it is everything Kim Castle and Harmony Drive said it’d be. A tour de force that is 5 minutes and 53 seconds, it actually doesn’t feel that long thanks to how infectious and haunting it is. The producer Kim Castle makes his mark on this one, bringing together the worlds of indie rock and electronic as Harmony Drive breathe life with their lyrical and instrumental prowess. This is certainly what happens when incredibly gifted artists come together, each recognizing what the other is worth.

The chill, thoughtfully played, and gentle piano set a dulcet foundation. The laid-back intro is allowed to build for a good measure as a few percussive improvisations are thrown in there, and the lead vocalist Lars Erik Schjerpen joins in after 30 seconds, his effortlessly powerful voice breathing life to the lyrical narrative of the song.

The atmospheric instrumentation builds beautifully, each note, rhythm, and melody drawing you in as you feel one and the same with the music, and around 3:15, the upbeat, electronic-fueled beats come alive, adding that depth and intensity to the music, elevating it to new heights.

This is a high-end production, and you have to appreciate the time and effort that was put into place to make this song come out the way it has. A fine balance has been achieved between the instrumentation and the vocals, allowing you to get carried away as you enjoy each and every moment of the song.

Kim Castle also enlisted the expertise of music producer Rich Veltrop, a renowned figure who has worked with renowned acts such as Rage Against the Machine, Macy Gray, Tom Petty, Ozzy Osbourne, and many others. He brings an extraordinary level of experience and complements the song with his ingenuity.

A seamless fusion of captivating indie rock and the pulsating electronic world, “Secret” is an enchanting masterpiece that seeks to uncover those hidden mysteries in our lives as well as expose the vulnerability involved in sharing confidential and untold stories, feelings, or emotions.

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