Kilo, brimming with raw talent, is on the cusp of fame, thanks to his recent exceptional releases. Based out of Indiana, this first-class emcee has developed a sound and style of his own within the traditions of first-rate hip hop and rap, and the masses have been quick to warm up to him based on the numbers he’s been generating. He represents the new wave of rap music that is still respectful of the core foundations it was built upon, and that is why Kilo deserves to be under any rap music spotlight…In discussions about emerging hip-hop artists, Kilo is undoubtedly a name that needs to be included.

“Knocked Off” is one of those performances that really hits you right in the feels. The passion and soul he poured into this performance, hitting it out of the park, makes this track a must-have for your music collection.

The beat is thrilling and the rhythms are entrancing, and I feel that this heavy and atmospheric production really is a seamless fit with Kilo’s own powerful and melodious vocals that are ideal for the genre.

So let’s talk about this addicting and bass-heavy beat that features a wild concoction of synths, powerful snares and licks, classic drums, and some colorful 808s. And then the performance edges on such a rhythmic highway, with Kilo resonating all through the track swiftly and effortlessly!

Kilo delivers insightful and impactful lyrics accompanied by catchy rhymes, teasing rhythms, and unconventional tempos.

Alongside “Knocked Off” is an equally exceptional music video, boasting impressive visuals to boost the overall vibe and take the track to a newer and higher level…just like a proper West Coast banger ought to be!

This track is brimming with style, fashion, and attitude, making it the perfect addition to your playlist!

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