K’eyla exudes a real star glow about her with an unmistakable versatility and dynamism that is efficiently backed by her ingenious presentation of hip-hop and R&B sounds, pinning her at the top of the global rap and R&B community. She crafts rhymes that touch upon accessible and honest lyrics, making poignant observations about daily life without shying away from thoughtful introspection. She is excited to continue tapping into her life experiences to offer honest lyrics in storytelling that audiences have found to be both engaging and relatable.

She returns with an upcoming masterpiece dubbed “Would You”, that sees K’eyla navigate a space of rare honesty with inquisitive, deeply meaningful lyrics.

This message resonates with men who expect unwavering loyalty from their women, especially during challenging times, such as facing long jail sentences or a downturn in fortune. If roles were reversed, would these men show the same commitment to their partners?

This track unfurls with a catchy, upbeat, bass-flavored trap beat with some signature hi-hats, powerful 808s, snares, and swirling drums. The beat intensifies with each listen and is really ideal for K’eyla’s performance.

On the mic, K’eyla exudes such confidence and charisma, maintaining a strong presence as she seamlessly transitions from one verse to the next in between the beautifully haunting hook that takes up residence in a listener’s head and refuses to let go even when the track is no more.

“Would You” is a richly eclectic brew of hip-hop and R&B that revels in its definite sense of genre-bending and brilliantly infectious demeanor.

Scheduled for official release on October 13, 2023, “Would You” is a must-have for listeners who appreciate the power of music to evoke emotions and tell stories.

This track is now available for pre-save; follow K’eyla on Instagram and check the pre-save link on her bio.

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