A multifaceted artist and a non-conformist who is not restricted to just one particular genre of music, succeeding impeccably in trap, Latin dance, R&B, and other intriguing styles – Kevin Amed is the name. This multi-genre singer and songwriter who hails from South Central in Los Angeles bring that appetizing and endearing Latin flavor through his Spanish-defined lyrics that engrosses diverse listeners who can’t get enough of such mouthwatering delicacy. He is an authentic performer who puts his heart and soul into everything, and this comes out perfectly in all his tracks.

He is now back with a stunningly invented trap/hip-hop embellished summer hit anthem, “Esperate,” that boasts great sonic variety and warmth and is backed by the ear-grabbing lyrical performance. This track is full of character and infectious vibes, and right from the intro, where the deep-phased bass and other quintessential hip-hop-like instrumentations blend in a gaping rhythmic fashion to dedicate themselves to a listener!


Although you might not understand the lyrics, you will undoubtedly be entranced by the instrumentation and the captivating singing style as showcased by Kevin Amed. He nails every bit of performance in this, once more confirming that music is justifiably a universal language on its own. The way the tune engages a listener from the onset is absolutely magical and irrefutably artistic.

This tune is the best thing to happen this summer, and if you are looking for a greatly crafted and heartwarmingly performed piece to lose yourself to, then this is the perfect melody for you. The way Kevin Amed is able to ingeniously present a fresh new perspective with his unique brand of Latin trap that consists of a distinctive blend of hip-hop and Latin influence is the mark of a consummate engineer.

“Esperate” is now available for streaming on all the major streaming platforms; follow the attached link to stream this magical tune, add it to your summer playlist and play it on repeat!

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