Kayo Bracey represents the good side of hip-hop and rap—music that you can comfortably listen to with your family and dig the message. Music that praises God with all His graciousness, while remaining catchy and upbeat proves that Gospel music doesn’t have to be boring, and when you actually look at it, he is appealing to a lot more people, especially young people, by making Christian music sound fun and emotionally gratifying. He deserves his flowers, and I am happy that his music has been widely embraced by both fans and critics.

Kayo’s ardent fans and new listeners alike can’t keep calm. You know why that is? His highly anticipated single, dubbed “Steppin on my problems” is about to be unleashed. A raw masterpiece guaranteed to transform the Christian rap scene positively!

A tour de force in every way you look at it, the theatrical drum rolls lay the foundation for the track, setting the scene before Kayo makes a hyped-up appearance, much like football players getting into the field with that unforgettable hook that takes up residence in the brain of its listener for the rest of the day.

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Making a strong impression with the beat, he exudes such charisma and confidence with some thought-inspiring bars and masterful flows as an ode to the kingdom of God while shaming the devil and everything he represents.

This beat is catchy, upbeat, and dense, with the drum-dominant band instrumentation and trap percussion hitting a listener in all the right spots. His delivery is excellent and positive enough to get anyone feeling the vibe as they dance to the beat as though no one’s watching.

I know for a fact that this track is going to turn the industry on its head when it officially drops on all streaming platforms on August 1, 2023.

The pre-save link is available; follow Kayo on Instagram and click the link on his bio to pre-save this link from your favorite channel so that you will be among the first to enjoy this banger when it officially drops!