Continuing his discourse in the delightful California rap scene that is advertently making waves in the global mainstream space is rap master and lyrical wizard KaJ Loud who holds a penchant for that unique flavorful sound escorted to glorious fashion with the melting beats and intricate lyricism-fashioning some essentially evocative and imaginatively relatable sound that apart from entertaining also challenges a human’s natural way of thinking and delivers some insightful food for thought that allows listeners to view life albeit in a different way. So basically he is creating a universe that is open for thoughts and listeners get to connect in a more hypnotic manner with his style and delivery which is not something that can be said about many artists today. He is truly a genius of sorts!

Calling the universe to order and taking listeners on a lyrically and melodically fascinating rollercoaster is KaJ Loud with the single ‘Shrimp N Noodles” – an infectious jam that calls for attention right from the introductory percussion and note “Tell me what you see, when you look at my life”. This is an emotion-filled luxurious sound that dazzles from the start to the finish as KaJ Loud pours his heart and soul out and injects the track with some magic charm that compels a listener to hold on to the track for that infinite delight!

Everything you’d wish for is right here on this scintillating record; the assured vocal performances and lyrical proficiency, the killer sense of melody emanating from the affluent euphonic instruments that have been painted with a candidly synthesized and alluring percussive component, and the attention-grabbing production that is both professionally crafted and radio-friendly! There’s something magical about the chorus because you can’t get it out of your head, and with each flow that leads to the catchy hook anthemic paradise, a listener feels more heightened and ready to receive it than before, so throw caution to the wind, sing along, and dance with wild abandon like no one’s watching!

KaJ Loud shows a clear strong commitment and passion for this eccentric and introspective hip-hop sound and this unbridled love for the style can really be felt throughout “Shrimp N Noodles”. The exceptionally written and engaging lyrics are complemented magnificently by KaJ Loud’s deft vocals and charismatic style, helping to really inject the melody with the necessary charm and allure to pull in the listener and hold them hostage. It is no surprise that this track has already amassed over 48.5K Spotify streams and over 27K views for the music video on YouTube in well under a week. His music luminaries Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and Logic I think would be proud of him and kudos to his friend Tunez for pushing him to get out of his comfort zone, otherwise we wouldn’t be getting such groundbreaking releases as this!

To get a feel of this exceptionally packaged and excellently produced cultural rap tune that feels both alive and detailed; follow the attached link and make it your favorite jam.

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