The Story Of Natural Love.

In the song “Natural Love” K.Umēh tells a story about spiritual love through artificial intelligence. The story is about two lovers who get immerse by a new world order of technology. In this story, Human beings are forced to give up their humanity and transform into AI. The society around them are forced to give up their souls in exchange to keep their brain power. In this new world of artificial intelligence, the only option to keep your mind is to accept the transformation and immerse yourself into technology, which would mean you would be technically defeated in the past world, but are still given a chance to be able to move on to the future if compliant.

Moving on consist of forgetting great memories, losing your natural feeling, and even losing your understanding of your identity. Which results in a loss of happiness and motivation, but this is the only way to get to the future.

K.Umēh’s lyrics describe what the two lovers are feeling in the story when he sings  “Im Not Sure If I Want To Love You, I Want To Love You, I Don’t Want to Love You, But Im In Love With You”. Meaning they are being forced to love each other because that’s what the technology commands them to do, but nobody is quite sure if they are actually in love because they still understand that they are gradually transforming into robots.

The world is abruptly submerged into a platform which matches relationships with no time to understand what this platforms even means or how this platform will eventually change their natural perception on love. The technology selects your best fit in the world as far as your relationships, and after a certain amount of selections you are officially forced to stay with your match and or matches.

The two lovers in the story of “Natural Love” do not accept this brand new ideology for their reality, and decide to fight against the new world order to be able to keep their memories, their mental capacity, and most importantly their human soul. Having to undergo countless amounts of adversity, these two characters fight to keep their love for each other and search for human elemetnts in the new world order of the future earth.


As a musician, K.Umēh has continued to advance his brand globally, all the while pushing his own artistic limits so as to keep reaching new audiences and to help make it cool for rappers to be who they are and represent themselves and not necessarily what they think hip hop is. K.Umēh is living proof that there is enough room for every story in hip-hop and pop as long as you are able to articulate it. His innate drive and raw talent are what have enabled him to garner attention and cement himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music scene. K.Umēh’s storytelling ability and lyricism are influenced by his as well as others’ life experiences.

Right from the intro of the tune “Natural Love,”  the impressively hit guitar strings jump at a listener with a refreshing vibe. Soon enough, that blend of melodious vocals, crunchy drums, earworming synths, signature pounding bass lines, and 808s will add to the sonic warmth and variety.

There is just a way K.Umēh’s voice comes off so delicious; he’s got those melodious vocals that pertain to his style of half-singing, and half-rapping, and in this masterpiece, his vocals float nicely and warmly over the beats as he goes on to give a matchless performance that feels near hypnotic.

There is that haunting element to this tune, which ensures that even when you are not listening to it, you can still feel it replaying in the back of your head    and that right there is the mark of an impeccably distilled pop song.

The instrumental mix is well-balanced and direct, with a smooth and bright treble range and booming basslines that add a lot of silky edge to the mix; allowing the vocals to really pop to the forefront!

I have that deep feeling in my gut that a listener will fall in love with what’s been offered in “Natural Love,” and there is only one way to find out, and that is by following the attached link below!

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