Joshua Wright isn’t just another talented country music singer-songwriter; this Franklin County, Virginia-based artist is a rarity among male country music singers, bringing an air of authenticity and natural vulnerability to his music. He sings about things others are thinking about but are afraid to talk about, such as being vulnerable, hurt, or going through mental health challenges. His breakthrough single “The Devil In The Bottle” has gone on to collectively accumulate millions of views on popular digital platforms and has been hailed by both fans, critics, and celebrities thanks to that incredible songwriting and unmatched performance.

Joshua’s music journey began at just 12 years old when he began playing the guitar, and he was already performing at age 15 in local events and nursing homes with his band. Over the years, he has honed his skills and rhythm, producing music that is both timeless and catchy that has earned him a global presence and love from country music aficionados.

And we can say that “The Devil In The Bottle” really embodies what Joshua’s career is also about; building on sincerity and vulnerability in order to deeply resonate with listeners of all ages. This track was inspired by his own journey with addiction. Sometimes things happen in life that are tragically unpredictable and beyond our control, and sometimes drug addiction can be one of them; You can be caught up so deep in the gutter that you don’t even know how to dig yourself out.

With “The Devil In The Bottle”, Joshua exceeded expectations and inspired listeners by proving that it is indeed possible to transform even the deepest sorrow into something beautiful and unforgettable.

Now, Joshua returns with another potent piece, “Moonshine Capital,” drawing from the not-so-secret illegal liquor trade in his hometown of Franklin County, Virginia. This track engrosses listeners in a heartfelt and soul-stirring performance.

Joshua builds on a story and draws the listener in, ensuring that they are invested in the storyline from the first note all the way to the last. The quintessential country percussion and the folk influences add depth and flair to this roots sound, giving it a timeless feel.

Joshua’s voice holds such effortless power, and when he sings with his cowboy voice, you can feel it is from his heart and soul.

The track’s chorus is catchy and likely to stick with listeners. His lyrics’ power comes from the sincerity of their delivery and the concise nature of the lyrics. You can easily memorize and recite these words, which only adds to their impact.

With “Moonshine Capital”, Joshua has written a beautiful tune that is intricate emotionally but straightforward musically. Even after only one listen, this track becomes embedded in your memory. That’s how you know you’ve come across a golden masterpiece…it actually feels retro and futuristic all at the same time. A feat that only Joshua can achieve.

As you can already tell, Joshua Wright is a phenomenally gifted songwriter who isn’t hesitant to write about tough topics…topics that allow listeners of all ages to gravitate towards his music and that is what has earned him a shockwave of intrigue from far and wide.

His growing popularity is well earned, and his music deeply resonates with many, serving as a personal soundtrack to their lives.

“Moonshine Capital” is now available for streaming. Follow the attached link and sink your teeth into this musical masterclass.

This is such a stunning addition to Joshua’s impressive catalog and a track that is guaranteed to further elevate him to international acclaim.

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