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Joshua Royse is a former founder and lead singer and songwriter of Virgin Record’s international act, “Naked Elephant.” He took some time off and after leaving both Naked Elephant and Virgin records; he is now embarking on the music expedition as a solo act armed with all the repertoire of the aesthetic soul as he gravitates towards finding a connection between the soulful beats and his lyrics that stem from accomplished songwriting. His experience in the game has propelled his vocal mastery and introduced him to many musical techniques used in music today and he is now set to announce his grand entrance in the most epic way there is!

He has a new passionately written and delivered single titled, “Now I Know” that will be officially available from the 8th of August 2022. Profoundly moving, he admits that this is far the favorite song he has ever written that carries boundless possibilities within the realms of its simple yet effective lyrics.

This track is guaranteed to whisk you away to the universe of your own creation where your thoughts are reflected magically through the reflections of strangers’ eyes and where all manner of infinite curiosity exist. When you simply cannot fathom what lives in there and you’re intrigued to explore more and it is the moment you realize that there really is more to life than just breathing. This therapeutic dose is guaranteed to spark an element of the fascinating explorative attitude of yourself through others that are so magical!

By blending the expressive orchestral voicing and some scaling piano, this gentle soul track will take your mind to all the right places. As for the delivery, you can expect a wholehearted vocal performance from Joshua as he reminds you in a blissful way why he is bound to be the present and the future! It is easy to see why listeners will fall in love with this brilliant body of work; it is stupendously produced by Former Naked Elephant guitarist Taylor Lawrence and arranged to form an orderly moving piece of art that will engross itself to any listener who opens their heart to it!

Follow the attached Spotify link to pre-save this single and stay tuned for the 8th of August is fast approaching when the musical world will rejoice under the melodic glow of, “Now I Know.” Follow Joshua on the attached socials so as to keep tabs on his present and future endeavors!

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