Josh Vanzetti creates music that forms an enchanting journey through melodies and emotions, dabbling in everything rock and displaying his instrumental dexterity in the process. He has been producing his own music for three years now. Born into a home filled with music, Josh’s passion for creating music became his compass, leading him to forge his own path in the world of music, first by producing popular video game music on YouTube. He quickly realized that his creative expression could not be contained within the confines of renowned covers and started writing and singing his own music. His need for freedom compelled him to explore his unique musical voice, which listeners will experience in his song “Across The Stars.”

This track effortlessly blends alternative rock with vocal prowess into a mesmerizing tapestry of emotional appeal.

From a production standpoint, the track is absolutely excellent and something that would not feel out of place on radio.

The choice of instrumentation is top-notch and really helps inject the song with that rock thrill emanating from the luxurious concoction of the guitar riffs, the drums, piano, and bass.

On the mic, Josh breathes life expressively with his authoritative vocals, which are ideal for the genre. He also exudes such accomplished songwriting that allows the listener to get transported vividly with the words.

This compelling track, with its hauntingly beautiful melody, is bound to linger in your mind long after listening.

A project that took two years in the making, it is a showcase of such growth and enlightenment, evoking a profound sense of introspection and determination.

With this project, Josh delves deep into his psyche, baring his soul, and his music is likely to leave a lasting impact on listeners.

The accompanying visuals perfectly complement this track and helps elevate the track’s message to newer and higher levels of understanding.

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