JOEJAS, a next-level rapper and producer, is an extraordinary artist who has dedicated his entire artistry to pushing the boundaries of what is considered popular, ideal, common, or traditional. He crafts a sound that defies expectations, blending hip-hop, punk, jazz, and R&B with his unique stamp. Whether commanding the mic with his rap verses or serenading the crowd with his soulful vocals, JOEJAS’ performances always leave a lasting impression. His expanding fan base attests to his unparalleled showmanship. What truly sets him apart is his unapologetic authenticity; he takes pride in crafting a distinct musical identity by fearlessly blending genres and adding his unique touch to each creation.

His latest album, “GAPS AND NOMADS” stretches the limits of his creativity in staggering ways, solidifying his position as a budding star in the music industry. The track “ESCAPE!” is a single off of this album and a raw masterpiece at that!

The track radiates contagious energy and an irresistible vibe, akin to an electrifying party as JOEJAS transports a listener to another dimension with his first-class execution from the first minute all the way to the last.

His performance and showmanship on this track evoke Tyler, the Creator vibes for me. JOEJAS is casually relaxed yet expressive and takes on some intriguing twists and turns…the direction you expect him to go is not the one he takes, and it is this unpredictability that gets you heavily invested in this jam throughout.

With its varied elements, this tune defies categorization, contributing to its wide appeal.…there is a little bit of everything here, from rap to punk to jazz to soul.

The music video is another eye-catching visual stunner, just as powerful as the track itself!

“ESCAPE!” is everything that everyone is saying it is—a mega and distinct hit that deserves to be in the spotlight!

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