In a world where you could potentially be whatever you wanted, Joe Raphael chooses to be the voice of our emotions, transforming human experiences into melodies with universal appeal. Music is more than just a hobby for him; it’s a way of life and a lifeline that has enabled him to cope. He now seeks to use his music to help others cope, just as his favorite artists helped him. The goal also extends further into familiar territories; he wants his music to evoke these stunning feelings from within you and make you dance with reckless abandon as you forget all your worries, even if for mere three minutes. As he believes, three minutes are more than capable of changing your life; in fact, even fewer minutes can achieve this feat.

The moment now belongs to Joe Raphael and his catchy and infectious anthem, “New Money,” which has been received warmly and ruffled a few feathers with its jibe at capitalists and the greedy political class.

Even before addressing the heavy lyrical content, it’s clear that “New Money” possesses an undeniable danceable appeal. It has a super funky quality underscored by guitar interplay and rhythmic percussion, effortlessly encouraging listeners to dance with carefree abandon.

Joe Raphael delivers with sweet-sounding, emotive, and velvety vocals that are ideal for this style. The way he floats over the captivating instrumentation elevates the jam to new heights. The chorus at this song’s heart is memorable and guaranteed to get stuck in your mind even after the track has disappeared. Isn’t that golden?

With this jam, Joe Raphael expresses his strong political opinions and dislike for greedy capitalists, yet he does not take himself too seriously, adding a comical touch to diffuse the song’s intensity…the song might actually be insulating you, but you’ll be too turned up and fully immersed to even care, and right there is the beauty of it.

As if the stunning and infectious melodies weren’t enough, Joe created a visually striking music video that elevates the jam to epic heights. Here, he flexes his dancing muscles and captures the essence of the jam with visuals that perfectly complement the song, both in storyline and symbolism.

“New Money” is a single from Joe Raphael’s highly anticipated debut album “Whatever I Feel,” scheduled for release on July 26, 2024. This album marks a significant milestone in Joe’s budding career, showcasing his growth as an artist and person. It displays his versatility, taking listeners on a memorable journey inspired by his experiences, thoughts, and observations.

If “New Money” is any indication, Joe Raphael will allow us to see the world through his lens with this new album.

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