Jett Jano - Groove Theory

Baltimore-born Jett Jano is an R&B sensation in the making, drawing inspiration from local legends like Eubie Blake, Billie Holiday, and Dru Hill. Having begun performing Michael Jackson impersonations for his family at age three, Jett’s passion for music grew stronger with time. Influenced by icons like Prince, Frank Ocean, and Kaytranada, Jett has crafted a unique sound that weaves various genres and styles. His introspective, heartfelt lyrics mirror his personal experiences, positioning him as an artist to watch in the music industry.

Jett’s diverse influences shine through in “Groove Theory,” the second track from his latest EP “Jett,” released on January 20th, 2023. This catchy tune, featuring a funky bassline, showcases his admiration for R&B and soul legends, as well as contemporary artists like Frank Ocean and Kaytranada.

The song’s composition is truly mesmerizing. Its lively, energetic instrumental arrangement boasts an upbeat tempo, anchored by a prominent, funky bassline. Percussion elements like drums, claps, and snaps add rhythmic texture, while keyboards and synthesizers enrich the sound. This vibrant atmosphere perfectly harmonizes with Jett Jano’s soulful vocals, demonstrating his ability to merge various musical styles into his own unique sound.

“Groove Theory” masterfully intertwines introspective and upbeat elements within its lyrics. The chorus’ repetitive lines, “Party emotion, party emotion, party emotion,” evoke the urge to let go and revel in the moment. Meanwhile, the verses delve into deeper themes like longing, desire, and relationship complexities. Lines like “Feeling quite nice to get in what I wanna ride, what will it take to be with you tonight, yeah, get someone on my moving hard tonight, right on this with love tonight, the mood is rising but just like to feel good time,” reveal the singer’s yearning for a meaningful connection amidst the desire to enjoy the present.

Fans of Michael Jackson, Prince, and Gil Scott-Heron, whom Jett Jano cites as major influences, will undoubtedly appreciate “Groove Theory.” Likewise, admirers of Frank Ocean, Steve Lacy, and Kaytranada, who have also impacted Jett’s sound, will find themselves drawn to this track. With its eclectic fusion of funk, soul, and R&B, “Groove Theory” is a must-listen for aficionados of these genres.

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