With a career spanning over four decades as a musician, performer, and DJ, Jeff Rush has consistently dedicated his artistry to self-discovery and creative exploration, not limiting himself to the kind of music he puts out there as he meaningfully impacts the fabrics of EDM by pushing the genre boundaries with his eclectic sound that straddles the realms of house, deep house, trance, and all the kindred EDM sounds. He comes as the whole package, with music that immediately puts its listener in that state of music-inspired delirium.

Encapsulating the delightful charm and captivating alternative culture, as well as the sounds and sights of the underground, Jeff’s new single “The Chant” drives with a particularly intensive bass-heavy and deep driving groove that’s undeniably refreshing and otherworldly invigorating!

Featuring some vocal fragments that subtly push things forward, Jeff Rush is quick to highlight a unique contemporary approach to trance and tech house music that has been missing in the electronic music scene.

Despite being more than five minutes long, this energetic masterpiece doesn’t feel long in the slightest.…that is how you know that it is a very great track that, more than anything, inspires you to throw caution to the wind and move your body in sync to the beats, or just with carefree abandon!

Every element in this track works in harmony, creating an electrifying piece that achieves its intended goal.

“The Chant” absolutely boosts the vibe in any setting; from the ambiance of your own house to that long drive, the gym, or just that night out as you enjoy the time of your lives with colleagues or friends.

And this is what electronic music aficionados have come to expect from this undisputable veteran who possesses all the vital ingredients required to engineer timeless hits!

His new track “Aether Shifter,” a collaborative effort with FAWZY and a masterclass in trance music, is already available exclusively on Beatport.

To enjoy a rejuvenating listening experience, follow the attached link and fully savor this ecstatic musicianship.

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