Jason Shand - Crumble

With a diverse musical palette that spans country, blues-infused pop, pop rock, and neo-soul, New York-based singer-songwriter and recording artist Jason Shand invites listeners on a collaborative journey through his evocative soundscapes. His eclectic style is characterized by rich vocal harmonies and profound songwriting, reflecting his strong connection to the indie music scene where lyrical quality and sound production hold significant value.

“Crumble” has been in existence for quite some time and was regarded as a signature song for this New York musician, drawing favorable critical praise from fans, but for reasons unbeknownst to both us and Jason, it remained unreleased.

That is a thing of the past now because he has finally mastered all the courage he could and decided to share this timeless, catchy, and deeply relatable masterpiece with the world, and tell you what, “Crumble” takes listeners on an unforgettable journey with its captivating melody and profound lyrics.

With each listen, a listener discovers new layers of meaning, making it a must-hear track for anyone struggling with moving on after a breakup.

“Crumble” comes from a genuine place of reluctance we all sometimes experience after a split up where we feel like without the other person, our world will come crumbling down. It is a codependency syndrome that maybe fades with time, but nonetheless, its impact on a person cannot be ignored!

The lyrics are deep and emotional, with an irresistible chorus guaranteed to leave a listener humming along passionately.

It appears like “Crumble” was born out of the depths of Jason Shand’s own tumultuous experiences as he battled with heartbreak and poured his emotions into music, resulting in a powerful and moving track guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on anyone!

This tune, as well as his previous chart-topping singles, “X Factor” and “The Party Narcissist,” can now be found on Shand’s latest album, “X Factor – The Album.”

To experience this eargasmic masterpiece; follow the attached Spotify link and relish!

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