Jason Jenkins is a powerhouse trio fronted by the acclaimed bassist Jason Jenkins. Bringing creative art to within the touchstone of luxuriant jazz, this band has been in existence for almost 3 decades now…performing at the highest level and breaking new ground every day as one of the hottest forces in the history of American jazz performers. What you get when you subscribe to this musical outfit is exceptionally gratifying music that connects with you deeply beyond lyricism. It does not matter what kind of feeling or emotion you have or don’t have; Jason Jenkins has absolutely got the melody for that.

Because class is permanent, even in this decade, Jason Jenkins is still cementing their legacy as an internationally acclaimed outfit, which is why this year belongs to them and their stunning new album, “Blues & Synonyms.”

I’d be lying if I said I had exactly the right words to express the musicality unleashed on “Sweet Honey Bee,” off of their latest album, because in reality, this ingenious body of work is simply inexpressibly beautiful.

Just from the onset, a listener is hit with that gently-nurtured and theatrically performed saxophone that seamlessly blends with the drums and the dulcet piano tones to take a listener to another meditative planet. The order in the performance, the sound anatomy and design is just top notch and I just love how as the melodies build, Jason Jenkins unleash a timeless medley of that double bass that fits in perfectly with a crystal clear polish and adds to the sonic clarity of this piece.

Kudos to a job well done; you don’t get to experience such a piece of magic as this every Tuesday…this is a performance that has passed through the school of arts and graduated with impeccable distinction, and I’d hate it if you were to miss out on such refined artistry.

To sip the juice off “Sweet Honey Bee,”  follow the attached link, and while at it, take some time to stream “Blues & Synonyms” in its entirety… I can guarantee you that it’ll be worth your while!

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