Jake Anthony is the freshest musical guru to come out of culturally rich Long Island. He is setting the groove bar high and turning heads in every sonic alley living his passion every step of the way. He wants to use his gifts to tell the world his story in his own way and with his own voice. He packs a potent punch with a diverse arsenal: he’s a singer-songwriter, a master of multiple instruments, and a storyteller who tugs at heartstrings. With a powerful voice and a talent for creating melodies with heart and message, Jake writes songs about love and life, aiming to connect with listeners on their own personal journeys.

Jake is currently celebrating achieving a milestone; his debut album, “Sounds of Summer” is finally out and is such a sonically beautiful, moving, and outstanding collection. This album, a result of 10 months of pure hard work, dedication, sweat, and tears, is a project he couldn’t be prouder of what he has accomplished thus far with such a bona fide body of work.

“Yesterday I Crashed My Car” is his debut single accompanied by a cinematic music video that perfectly complements the track in narrative and essence. He delivers such a distinct sonic signature that cleverly defies categorization.

This song is a chart-ready blend of pop vibes and rock soul that makes you want to sing along to the catchy lyrics and dance along to the vibrant instrumentation.

Riding on its catchy chorus, buttery guitars, and vocals that drip with emotions, “Yesterday I Crashed My Car” is the ticket to Jake’s sonic universe.

With his music, it is all about the feels, the groove, and the message—all things that this track has in abundance.

As someone raised to value kindness and who embraces the ethos of inclusivity, Jake’s all set to be the beat that drives positive vibes. Through his sounds, if he can light up someone’s world and maybe get their feet tapping, that’s a win, and with this debut project, he’s scoring major points across the board!

Keep the playlist refreshed because Anthony is just getting started; dive into the vibes of “Yesterday I Crashed My Car” now streaming globally, and check out that eye-catching music video on YouTube, like it, and share your thoughts under the comment section.

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