Jai Denise is a talented and dynamic singer-songwriter with an undying passion for music and a good ear for it. With each and every release that she puts out there, Jai has continued to set herself apart as an accomplished artist who certainly possesses all the musical ingredients for future stardom—she is slowly getting there, one song at a time! Hailed as a voice holding so much faultless power, Jai is known for the passionate manner in which she exposes her flawless musical arrangements that create memorable, heartfelt rhythms with roots in R&B and pop—the reason music-passionate listeners find her to be authentic!

Jai Denise is once again grabbing the headlines following the release of her new enchanting single dubbed “I Don’t Care,” which features Jaydot. In this release, Jai seamlessly blends her soulful vocals with mesmerizing R&B textures to fashion an imposing body of work.

“I Don’t Care” is an ode to self-affirmation—to finally being free from the constraints of toxic love and focusing on your well-being, value, and importance. With emotionally relatable lines that have been delivered from the gently nurtured and exquisitely powerful vocals, this tune reaches the core of emotional satisfaction!

I love how deep the melodies feel; they bite through with a certain bass-pepped rhythm to echo a club R&B vibe, and this is in beautiful contrast to Jai’s vocal performance, which is so reminiscent of old-school R&B.

With her golden vocals, she delicately sings from her heart and caps this performance off with the easily quotable and memorable hooks that give this tune its anthemic vibe. “I Don’t Care” is the sort of thing you listen to on a loop without ever getting enough of it.

Currently streaming on all platforms, this is your chance to experience musical greatness attractively served through pristine songwriting and incomparably beautiful vocal expression—let’s go get it!

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